The Art of Practical Spirituality - Elizabeth Clare Prophet

The Art of Practical Spirituality

How to Bring More Passion, Creativity and Balance into Everyday Life By Elizabeth Clare Prophet with Patricia R. Spadaro “Practical Spirituality proves unequivocally that great […]


How to Bring More Passion, Creativity and Balance into Everyday Life

By Elizabeth Clare Prophet
with Patricia R. Spadaro

“Practical Spirituality proves unequivocally that great things come in small packages. The teachings contained in this little book are powerful. For they remind us that when we act in consciousness, the tools of true spiritual unfoldment are to be found in and through the simple, loving elements of our daily lives. Highly inspirational and divinely readable. The Art of Practical Spirituality is modern medicine for the eternal soul.” — Dannion Brinkley, N.Y. Times best-selling author of Saved by the Light

Elizabeth Clare Prophet brings you practical steps for staying in tune with Spirit, for listening to the still small voice within, midst the hustle and bustle of everyday life. For living in the here and now.

Adopt creative techniques you can use to uplift yourself and the world around you.

Learn from keys gleaned from the ancient wisdom of the mystical paths of the world’s spiritual traditions. Use these keys to show you how to discover our soul’s core passion, create sacred space, and use every encounter and circumstance as an opportunity to grow. Buyer Reviews for The Art of Practical Spirituality

Key to Finding Your Inner Spirituality

This is a very powerful book for anyone seeking to find their inner spirituality. It may be a small book (which makes it easy to fit into one’s pocket or purse), but it spiritually powerful.

Elizabeth Prophet was prolific in religion and it’s practices. She outlines, step by step how to connect with your inner spirituality in easy to read language. There is no “ego” in this book, only true and pure information.

The Pocket Guide to Practical Spirituality helped me to find my inner thoughts, feelings and connection to my spirituality. It led me on an amazing journey to my inner self.

Clear and Concise

Good things come in small packages! This book is surprisingly clear and concise. I found the book thoroughly enjoyable and easy to understand. It is full of tools to unlock your creative identity, bring inspiration into your daily life, and add the passion to make life more interesting! The exercises included in this book are excellent and you will want to try them all. I have read many books on spirituality, self-improvement and the like, but none have been as simple and effective as this.

Book rings true

“The Art of Practical Spirituality” is a great mix of ancient and modern spiritual teachings. I found that, as some books just have one or two really practical ideas, this book has it all in one! Most of us these days live busy lives with work, study and family, but we’re looking for a bit more in life, a way to live in harmony with themselves, their world and Spirit. Or maybe, like me, you’re just someone who believes that life really isn’t lived to its fullest until you’ve explored the spiritual dimensions too. One of the chapters talked about living in the present – I thought I did till I read this! Just to give an example of the common threads-I found links to Buddhist and Christian traditions when I read this chapter. This book brings them all together plus a bit more. Another chapter that I really enjoyed was ‘let your spiritual self do the work’ – hey, that is just what i need! And perhaps the best thing of all about this book is its simple, practical and a really convenient size! Enjoy!