How to Heal Yourself and Planet Earth

How to Heal Yourself and Planet Earth

Currently Free at the Spiritual Store for download! Every day spiritual energy flows though you. Your aura shows how you color that energy. Add the healing frequency of the violet flame to your aura!


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Using the Violet Flame Everyday!

Every day the energy of the River of Life flows though you. How you color that energy is reflected in your aura. Discover the healing power of adding the violet flame to your aura!

Elizabeth Clare Prophet shows you how to master qualifying that energy through recognizing your spiritual potential and using the power of sound in violet flame decrees to purify that energy. These beginning steps on your path to becoming an ascended master (…or a buddha) improve your thinking, eliminate emotionally triggered responses and start to change the world around you for the better.

“We all know that we balance karma, negative karma, by serving one another, by serving specifically those people we have wronged in the past. But you can accelerate that and actually attain reunion with God in this lifetime if you give the violet flame for that person and for the planet.

“Calling forth the violet flame from your God Presence will accelerate your union with God. It will enable you to attain a certain union in this very moment and to increase it day by day. Saint Germain says that if millions of people upon the planet would invoke the violet flame we could reverse all of the negative astrology that I have put in my book or at least mitigate it.
“People who give the violet flame with great zeal and intensity and joy and love have a great deal of accomplishment in their lives, of victories in their lives. And often sometimes they do not realize how much they have been spared for invoking this flame of the Holy Spirit. It is good for you and it is good for the planet.”