Access the Power of Your Higher Self

Access The Power Of Your Higher Self

Your Source of Inner Guidance and Spiritual Transformation By Elizabeth Clare Prophet Ever ask yourself “Who am I?” seeking an answer beyond the circumstances of […]


Your Source of Inner Guidance and Spiritual Transformation

By Elizabeth Clare Prophet

Ever ask yourself “Who am I?” seeking an answer beyond the circumstances of your life? Now you can answer that question and become more of your Real Self! Develop a close working relationship with your Higher Self, that spiritual presence that abides within you from lifetime to lifetime.

Access The Power Of Your Higher Self by Elizabeth Clare Prophet gives you practical spiritual steps to connect with the Higher Self. Why connect with that spark of God within? To gain access its unlimited energy. With more energy you will also need to know to protect and sustain this contact throughout the day. Just ten dynamic steps with simple techniques to help you experience the joy, peace and empowerment that is your spiritual birthright.

Learn about your Causal Body and how you store riches in heaven through many lifetimes and how to access that account here and now. Includes prayers, meditations, visualizations and engaging stories of miracles that people have experienced by applying these principles. Buyer Reviews:

Life Changing! You’ve gotta read/experience this!
I have read other great books by this author, but this particular book really “spoke” to me!! My life has been in turmoil for a while now and this book really helped me! The affirmations (or if you prefer, the “prayers”) have helped me focus on my Higher Self and this has really lifted me out of the earthly mess my life was previously!!

Do yourself a favor and read this!! Verified Buyer Review:

Great insight on the spiritual side of life.
This is an outstanding look and guide for any one searching for answers to spiritual questions. This is a great handbook that can help in making a true and lasting connection to your real self and the life after.

This little book is worth more than gold.
I am in total surprise to see the power of these prayers. I am more into meditation than prayer but decided to give it a try. I am one of those people that has to see to believe. There is amazing power in this tiny book.

Simply stated and profound
I’m not sure why I’ve avoided any of Elizabeth Clare Prophet’s works over the years, even though they’ve been written on topics close to my heart. After reading the first five “I AM” books by Godfre Ray King, I decided to try “Access the Power of Your Higher Self (Kindle Edition)” by Prophet. I was astounded at how clearly written these profound lessons were. I quickly went on to her other books and now have a new, high regard for this woman’s works.

Most accurate information I have read
I have enjoyed other books by this author more, for instance, her book on Karma and Reincarnation. However, the book was easy reading for me and included illustrations which helped the reader visualize their connection with their Higher Self. Instead of just philosophical information, this book gives the reader the tools to access the Higher Self with decrees. A worthwhile read for those wanting a better understanding of the Higher Self and, the ability to merge with the Higher Self.

What Readers Have Written to SU Press:

“The book I’ve been searching for. a must read for all seekers. I really like this easy, no-nonsense ‘How-to’ book” – Selden, NY

I liked the way everything was explained. It gave me a sense of freedom, empowerment and oneness.” – Jamaica, NY

“Awesome! I have never read a book about Christ that I 100% agreed with until I read this one! God bless the author.” – Midlothian, VA

“This book is fantastic. I believe Elizabeth Prophet’s way of writing and teaching has a good flow and is easy to understand. I’m sure I’m only one of thousands to have been helped by this book.” – Grants Pass OR