Elizabeth Clare Prophet

About Elizabeth Clare Prophet

Elizabeth Clare Prophet (1939–2009) was a pioneer of modern spirituality and an internationally renowned speaker and author. Her books on the teachings of the ascended masters are published in more than 30 languages, and millions of copies are sold worldwide.

Throughout her lifetime, Mrs. Prophet walked the path of spiritual adeptship, advancing through the universal initiations common to mystics of both East and West. She taught about this path and described her own experiences for the benefit of all who desire to make spiritual progress.

Mark and Elizabeth Clare Prophet served as messengers of the Great White Brotherhood to deliver further teachings of the Ascended Masters through lectures and dictations.

The Prophets’ personal relationship with the masters provided the foundation for their powerful and unparalleled presentation of the spiritual path. These teachings shed light on the lost or distorted teachings of Jesus Christ, the true and practical spirituality behind the teachings of Buddhism and Hinduism, and the unifying spiritual principles behind all the world’s major religions.

The ascended masters teach the path of the soul’s overcoming victory whereby you can reunite with your Christ Self, walk the earth with self-mastery and, at the conclusion of a lifetime of service, reunite with your I AM Presence in the ritual of the ascension. This path of personal Christhood, exemplified in the life of Jesus Christ, is a spiritual journey where we can each find the way of overcoming.

Elizabeth Clare Prophet said of her mission:

“I am the servant of the light in all students of the ascended masters and in all people.

“My books and writings are intended to give people the opportunity to know the truth that can make them free—so they can find God without me.

“I do not claim to be a master nor do I claim to be perfect in my human self. I am but the instrument of the Ascended Masters.

“My mission is to take true seekers, in the tradition of the masters of the Far East (which Jesus exemplified), to the level of consciousness where they can meet their teachers face to face.”

Mrs. Prophet has left an extensive library of spiritual teachings from the ascended masters and a thriving, worldwide community of people who study and practice these teachings.

For more information on Elizabeth Clare Prophet, her autobiography, In My Own Words: Memoirs of a Twentieth-Century Mystic. An intimate look into the life and character of an extraordinary figure in New Age spirituality, this book strikes a responsive chord with many on what it means to be a mystic in today’s world.