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Elizabeth Clare Prophet

Modern spirituality pioneer, internationally renowned author and spiritual speaker.

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  • Historical Maitreya - boddhisattva

    The Path of the Bodhisattva

    Elizabeth Clare Prophet delivered Aquarian Age teachings of Maitreya’s Mystery School to help you accelerate your soul’s overcoming of the unreal self.

  • Overcoming Fear through Decrees

    The Overcoming of Fear Through Decrees

    Elizabeth Clare Prophet reveals the secret to the power of sound is in the understanding using your chakras, visualizations and spiritual decrees.

  • Education in the Age of Aquarius

    Education in the Age of Aquarius

    We have to unlock the fire that we know is there in our being. That’s the pursuit, the quest and that search for the teacher, for soul education, that finally ends at the feet of the ascended masters.

  • Your Marriage Made On Earth

    Your Marriage Made on Earth

    Elizabeth Clare Prophet gives you the secret to a lasting marriage – spiritualize the union of hearts with creative, soul-freeing steps and perspective.

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  • Afra - Brother of Light

    Afra: Brother of Light

    By Elizabeth Clare Prophet Ascended Master Afra addresses how we can make a universal brotherhood a possibility—not as some utopian future, but here and now. […]

  • The Art of Practical Spirituality - Elizabeth Clare Prophet

    The Art of Practical Spirituality

    How to Bring More Passion, Creativity and Balance into Everyday Life By Elizabeth Clare Prophet with Patricia R. Spadero “Practical Spirituality proves unequivocally that great […]

  • Morya and You - Love

    Morya and You: Love

    Get to know the ascended master El Morya by reading about his previous lives. Plus study his words of tender care for your soul conveyed […]

  • Morya and You - Wisdom

    Morya and You: Wisdom

    The ascended master El Morya excels in this ability to wield the faculties of the mind as a splendid reflector of the mind of God. […]

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