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Modern spirituality pioneer, internationally renowned author and spiritual speaker.

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  • I AM Presence Chart

    Chart of Your Divine Self

    Chart of your I AM Presence and Holy Christ Self Explained by Elizabeth Clare Prophet I think that the understanding of the Self is the […]

  • Saint Germain and Jesus

    The Ascended Masters

    Ascended Masters, Teachers on the Spiritual Journey to Higher Consciousness “The appearance of the Ascended Masters is not new,” explained Elizabeth Clare Prophet, “but the […]

  • Karma and Reincarnation img

    On Reincarnation in the New Testament

    Karma, Reincarnation and Christianity The keystone of Jesus’ teaching on reincarnation in the New Testament is our Lord’s statement that John the Baptist was Elijah […]

Inner Perspectives' Episodes

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  • Episode 1

    Awakening To Life’s Purpose

    • Who is Elizabeth Clare Prophet?
    • Who is Saint Germain?
    • What do Saint Germain and Jesus have in common?
  • Episode 2

    Your Divine Blueprint

    • What is your Inner Self?
    • Your soul’s destiny to attain Christ or Buddhic consciousness.
    • Positive I AM affirmations used in both East and West.
  • Episode 3

    The Ascended Masters

    • Who are the ascended masters?
    • Why do they speak through Elizabeth Clare Prophet?
    • How is a messenger like the Biblical prophets of old?

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Internationally known authors Mark L. Prophet and Elizabeth Clare Prophet defined modern spirituality with esoteric classics as well as easy to understand pocket guides.

  • The-Buddhic-Essence-Book

    The Buddhic Essence

    Ten Stages to Becoming a Buddha We all have the seed or “essence” of Buddha within us. Because we do, we have the potential to […]

  • Book-In-My-Own-Words-Elizabeth-Clare-Prophet

    In My Own Words

    Memoirs of Elizabeth Clare Prophet You’ve heard about her for years. Now, for the first time, the real story—in her own words. The most complete […]

  • Book-Violet-Flame-Alchemy-for-Personal-Change

    Violet Flame

    Alchemy for Personal Change For thousands of years the violet flame was a secret, experienced by mystics and known to spiritual teachers East and West […]

  • Book-Community-A-Journey-to-the-Heart-of-Spiritual-Community-


    A Journey to the Heart of Spiritual Community In every age the great spiritual teachers have established their communities – Gautama Buddha and his sangha, […]

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