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  • The-Buddhic-Essence-Book

    The Buddhic Essence

    Ten Stages to Becoming a Buddha We all have the seed or “essence” of Buddha within us. Because we do, we have the potential to […]

  • Book-In-My-Own-Words-Elizabeth-Clare-Prophet

    In My Own Words

    Memoirs of Elizabeth Clare Prophet You’ve heard about her for years. Now, for the first time, the real story—in her own words. The most complete […]

  • Book-Violet-Flame-Alchemy-for-Personal-Change

    Violet Flame

    Alchemy for Personal Change For thousands of years the violet flame was a secret, experienced by mystics and known to spiritual teachers East and West […]

  • Book-Community-A-Journey-to-the-Heart-of-Spiritual-Community-


    A Journey to the Heart of Spiritual Community In every age the great spiritual teachers have established their communities – Gautama Buddha and his sangha, […]

  • Book-Inner-Perspectives

    Inner Perspectives

    A Guidebook for the Spiritual Journey This book captures a series of radio interviews on the basic precepts of the Teachings of the Ascended Masters […]

  • Book-Finding-a-Higher-Love

    Finding a Higher Love

    A Spiritual Guide to Love, Sex and Relationships We’re all looking for that special someone. But our expectations for love and relationships are often based […]

  • Odyssey-of-Your-Soul-Book

    Odyssey of Your Soul

    A Voyage of Self Discovery Odyssey of Your Soul: A Voyage of Self Discovery is your personal map for charting life’s challenges, becoming whole and […]

  • How-to-Work-with-Angels-Book

    How To Work With Angels

    (Pocket Guide) Did You Ever Think of Building a Relationship with an Angel? Work with the angels to bring miracles into your everyday life. Introducing […]