How To Work With Angels

Did You Ever Think of Building a Relationship with an Angel? In How to Work with Angels you gain powerful, practical spiritual steps to contact […]


Did You Ever Think of Building a Relationship with an Angel?

In How to Work with Angels you gain powerful, practical spiritual steps to contact your angels and bring miracles into your life! Elizabeth Clare Prophet draws from history and personal experience to tell you about your angels of protection, healing and peace. Learn the “10 Step Plan” – key spiritual techniques for working with your angels daily – and cause positive change in your life.

Introducing the bands of angels of protection, healing, peace, wisdom, love, joy and mercy. Develop your own relationship with these angels or expand the contact you already have.

Tap into the fires of your heart, supercharge your prayers for protection and connect with your powerful guardian angels. Work with Mother Mary, Archangel Raphael and the healing angels with prayers for healing and soul comfort. Work with healing angels to be that beneficent change agent everywhere you go.

Inspirational stories of people’s experiences with angels in their lives. Plus prayers, visualizations, and meditations on the heart of the archangels.

Beyond the visible spectrum is the invisible spectrum. Angels span both. Expand your awareness of the Reality around you with the help of heavenly pros – your angel guardians.

Learn ten steps to make angels a part of your life. Whether for love, healing, protection, guidance or illumination, angels stand ready to help you in many practical and personal ways. And as Elizabeth Clare Prophet says, working with angels also puts us in touch with our higher self. ― Bodhi Tree Book Review Buyer Reviews:

Insightful to Praying, a must apply to your life book!
For those folks who want to fight the everyday world & who need armor doing it! This book will gear you up for the spiritual battle & help you encourage & reinforce your faith in God & the Angels. If your looking to apply prayer in your life, this book will fill you in. I could not make it through this world with out prayer. Buy it!

My Angels
This book as been a blessing. A good friend of mine recommended this book to me in order to assist me in a new relationship that I had been struggling with. Since I have begun reading it and using it in my daily life, I have seen positive and surprising changes. It has also strengthen my relationship with God. I recommend this book to any and everyone who is in need of assistance and guidance from God and his angels.

Very Helpful
A must have for all who believe in the power of angels. I have had the hard copy for years. Inspiring..uplifting..and oh so helpful. Wanted the Nook version so I always have with me. Verified Buyer Review:

Valued piece of a spiritual tool bag!
Over the years I have purchased about 10 copies of this book. I believe it to be the best book that I use in my spiritual practice. I have given so many copies to friends and acquaintances who have also enjoyed using this book and I highly recommend it.

My recommendation for developing a strong relationship with angels
A totally awesome and neat book that can help us out throughout our lives and journeys ahead of us, and I would totally recommend this book to anyone who wants to develop a strong relationship with the different angels out there with our struggles that we are going through.

Great awakening book
The book was the best I have read as yet……found it very easy to read and follow. I wish I would have known of this book earlier. This book helped me to really understand and believe in the surprises and miracles of the angels. Some of these situations I did not realize I had gone through some myself and never thought it was the angels. It brought me to really believe in the angels. A must read book for everyone.