Lords of the Seven Rays

Lords of the Seven Rays

Seven Masters: Their Past Lives and Keys to Our Future Lords of the Seven Rays by Mark and Elizabeth Clare Prophet tells the stories of […]


Seven Masters: Their Past Lives and Keys to Our Future

Lords of the Seven Rays by Mark and Elizabeth Clare Prophet tells the stories of seven mystics. Not just any seven mystics, these are seven spiritual stalwarts known as ascended masters.

Each of the Lords of the Seven Rays is an ascended master who followed and mastered one of the seven initiatic paths of spiritual growth. These are spiritual adepts of East and West who reached for and accomplished the goal of self-transcendence.

These seven rainbow rays of spiritual light correspond to the seven major chakras as well as a unique color frequency, and quality. Bringing it closer to home, they represent the different paths to self-mastery.

Find out the spiritual impetus behind the desire to pursue law, education, healing, serving people, statesmanship, and many other life paths.

Enter into the life stories of these mystics to see which path is the one your soul is following. Some of the lifetimes harken to forgotten ages on legendary continents and civilizations long buried beneath the sands of time or the seas. Others are the saints we may have been praying to for decades.

By exploring their unique paths to spiritual mastery you will find invaluable keys for your own life’s journey.

One of life’s maxims is:”If you want to see farther, stand on the shoulders of giants.” This review of the paths of these seven ascended masters allows you the opportunity to receive the wisdom of their hearts. Seeing your own life and path better allows you to make giant strides in your personal transformation.

Amazon.com Verified Buyer Reviews:

Invaluable information
I gave this book to a friend to learn from. It includes vast information, rare pictures, etc., about master teachers, their backgrounds, etc. Many know there are master teachers but nothing more. This information is hard to find, and I was thrilled to find it. Vicki

A must have resource for seekers of resources and solutions to life’s problems.
A hard to find and excellent compilation of details on these great souls who dedicate themselves to mankind’s spiritual evolvement. A must for those who seek the best spiritual assistance to handle the problems and stresses of life.

One of my favourites
I’ve been reading a few books from this publisher and this has to be one of my favourites! In the first part of the book the authors go through each of the 7 chohans (sanskrit for “Lord”) of the 7 rays of God. She takes us on a journey to visit these masters as we review with them their past lives, what they did and what kind of a person they were. I discovered which master i felt closest too and was able to attune with him better now that i feel closer to him. I can also receive assistance from him, the closer i am. Perhaps even better is the fact that i can see how they, the masters, who are also mystics and sages, have done it, and now i can walk in their footsteps. The last section of the book gives spiritual messages from each of the chohans to you. The book has a lot for you.