Violet Flame To Heal Body, Mind And Soul

Violet Flame to Heal Body, Mind & Soul

The Violet Flame to Heal Body, Mind & Soul pocket guide describes what is the violet flame and how to use this high-frequency, spiritual energy. […]


The Violet Flame to Heal Body, Mind & Soul pocket guide describes what is the violet flame and how to use this high-frequency, spiritual energy. Utilizing the power of sound in I AM affirmations and great violet fire visualizations, you can increase your vitality, overcome blocks to healing, finally let go of records of trauma and create positive change in your personal life – plus leverage your light work and change the planet!

The Violet Flame to Heal Body, Mind & Soul – the most popular book for learning how the violet flame can be used to assist you with your personal transformation of any negative energy locked up in your body, mind, emotions or spirit. Have you ever thought that you could master the circumstances of your life? Especially those karmic situations whose cause is buried in history….possibly buried beneath the sea.

Includes inspiring true stories, nine easy steps to begin using the violet flame with affirmations, mantras, and visualizations. Buyer Reviews:

This book is an excellent introduction
This book is an excellent introduction to the violet flame, a spiritual flame, and how to use it correctly for yourself, your family and friends and for the world. It includes simple but effective prayers anyone can say or use, along with prayers for protection and healing. About the violet flame: I can honestly say that I’ve tried it and like it and use it daily. It’s really made a difference in my life. I’m always giving copies of this book to my friends because it ‘fits’ everyone and helps dissolve all kinds of stress. Verified Buyer Review:

Great book on the Violet Flame
Fantastic quality book, its small, and there isn’t that much information included, but the value of the Violet Flame is indescribable. If you have a desire to learn about the Violet Flame, or you are already a Violet Flame practitioner such as myself this is a must have for your collection. I intend on buying about 20 of these at wholesale to resell in my metaphysical retail store. This book includes 9 steps/ways to use the violet flame in your life and 7 violet flame decrees. The majority of the small 97 page booklet is retelling stories of others who have successfully used the violet flame for transformation in their life.

My Go To Spiritual Book
Since I was introduced to this gem of a book, not a day has passed that I have not done Violet Flame invocations. The first part of the book is an explanation of how The Violet Flame invocations came to be and how to use them. I find them to be highly effective in calling in a circle of powerful angelic protection, bringing peace into one’s heart, and finding balance.

Good start for working with the Violet Flame
I like that the author gave a little background information on where the idea for the Violet Flame came from. She gives simple, easy to follow instructions on how to start using visualization to increase the impact of the decrees. It is a concise little book and I recommend it for any one that may need to have reminders when first working with the Violet Flame. It fits very easily into one’s purse. I haven’t had any miraculous healings, but I do feel more centered and it takes a lot more to get me angry since I started working one of the simplest decrees. I have also felt more creative in my work and I can solve any problems that arise are more easily these past few weeks.