Inner Perspectives: Questions And Answers

  • Episode 1

    Awakening To Life’s Purpose

    • Who is Elizabeth Clare Prophet?
    • Who is Saint Germain?
    • What do Saint Germain and Jesus have in common?
  • Episode 2

    Your Divine Blueprint

    • What is your Inner Self?
    • Your soul’s destiny to attain Christ or Buddhic consciousness.
    • Positive I AM affirmations used in both East and West.
  • Episode 3

    The Ascended Masters

    • Who are the ascended masters?
    • Why do they speak through Elizabeth Clare Prophet?
    • How is a messenger like the Biblical prophets of old?
  • Episode 4

    Your Real Self

    • What does the Chart of Your Divine Self tell you about the real you?
    • How does it relate to Jesus, Buddha and the ascended masters?
    • Where was Jesus between the ages of 12 – 30?
  • Episode 5

    The Violet Flame

    • What is the violet flame and what can it do for you?
    • What is the history of the violet flame.
    • Why is it key to a positive future?
  • Episode 6

    God As Mother

    • Can God be masculine and feminine, Father and Mother?
    • What do the Mother flame, kundalini and the divine Feminine have in common?
    • What is the role of soul and spirit in the quest for wholeness, harmony and joy?
  • Episode 7

    Sexuality And Spirituality

    • What is the truth about twin flames and soul mates?
    • What is the real meaning of sex?
    • Ultimate bliss—how do you get there?
  • Episode 8

    Energy Is God

    • How is the current energy crisis reflected in the use of energy in our thoughts and feelings?
    • How does a violet flame mantra energize matter and begin alchemical change?
    • How do heart, head and hand mantras integrate body, mind and soul?
  • Episode 9

    Commanding God

    • What do we do when we have a problem forgiving someone?
    • How do you use God’s energy scientifically?
    • What protection is there from radiation from computers, cell phones and other unseen energy?
  • Episode 10

    The Law Of Abundance

    • How did Jesus perform his miracles?
    • Can we apply the law of abundance?
    • How does fear and doubt interfere with prosperity?
  • Episode 11

    Life as a Path of Initiation

    • What’s the purpose of life?
    • Is Jesus’ life relevant to our life today?
    • What is initiation?
    • What is the meaning of the spiritual path?
    • What does the secret of abundance have to do with the Buddhist precept of “right living?”
  • Episode 12

    Spiritual Resurrection

    • What is the resurrection?
    • Would it be possible to end physical death?
    • What about physical healing?
    • What is the first thing you seek to change?
    • What is the ascension?
    • What does karma have to do with it?
  • Episode 13

    Contacting The Ascended Masters

    • How did Elizabeth Clare Prophet find The Summit Lighthouse?
    • What was it like in the beginning with Mark Prophet?
    • How did the ascended masters contact Elizabeth Clare Prophet?

Spiritual Healing – Science of the Fifth Ray

  • Episode 14

    Spiritual Keys to Healing

    • What is the law of cause and effect?
    • What are the four lower bodies and their purpose?
    • Is immediate healing possible with the violet flame?
    • How can you make contact with your center, the threefold flame of life?
  • Episode 15

    Threefold Flame In The Heart

    • What is the heart chakra & the threefold flame?
    • Why is the threefold flame important?
    • Specifically, how does the violet flame work?
    • Can the violet flame help heal the common cold?
    • What are some of Saint Germain’s violet flame mantras?
  • Episode 16

    The Immaculate Concept

    • What steps do you take to begin healing?
    • What mantras are good for healing?
    • What’s the difference between positive affirmations and denial?
    • How can you remove the cause of negative effects using mantra and visualization?
    • What’s the definition of evil?
  • Episode 17

    Cause And Effect

    • What does karma and reincarnation have to do with disease?
    • What does it mean to take responsibility for your own healing?
    • How are we influenced by other people’s energy and what can we do about it?
    • Which ascended masters have a special role in healing?
  • Episode 18

    Spiritual Retreats of The Healing Masters

    • What is an etheric retreat and how do I get there?
    • How can I meet with the ascended masters on the inner planes and attend their classes?
    • How can I contact healing angels?
    • What are some healing mantras I can use for myself and others?
    • How do the healing flame and the violet flame complement each other?

The Seven Paths to Self Mastery

  • Episode 19

    Seven Paths To Wholeness

    • What does the flame in the heart have to do with the path of discipleship?
    • How do you unlock the potential of God within?
    • What are the seven rays?
    • What do the seven rays have to do with the Path?
    • Who are the chohans of the rays?
  • Episode 20


    • What’s the difference between the eternal nature of the Christ and Jesus?
    • What is the path of discipleship for the New Age?
    • If we’re all one, where is the place for individuality?
    • What do the seven rays have to do with the seven chakras?

The Chohans of the Seven Rays

  • Episode 21

    The Masters Of The Seven Rays

    • Who are the Masters of the seven rays? What is a chohan?
    • What is the ascension?
    • How is the Christ consciousness expressed in the seven rays?
    • How do the chakras relate to the rays?
    • What are some past lives of these masters?
    • What is the will of God?
    • What were some of El Morya’s previous embodiments?
  • Episode 22

    El Morya, Master Of God’s Will

    • Who is El Morya?
    • What were some of El Morya’s past lives?
    • What did El Morya do after he ascended?
    • What is the meaning of hierarchy?
    • What is the purpose of the Darjeeling Council?
    • What are the first steps to better government for all?
  • Episode 23


    • What is the relationship between God’s will and government?
    • What is the ascended master ideal for government?
    • How do you reconcile the need for change with your spiritual integrity?
    • What can we do to help our leaders?
  • Episode 24

    Mystery Schools Of The Great White Brotherhood

    • Was Camelot real?
    • How does the Buddhist teaching of the three refuges (jewels) relate to Camelot?
    • What is the meaning of the quest for the Holy Grail?
    • What did the thirteen original colonies of America symbolize?
    • What were the mystery schools?
    • How are the communities of Crotona, Pythagoras, Socrates, Plato, Jesus, Sufis and the Dalai Lama related?
    • What is the ascended master ideal for government?
    • How does the science of the spoken Word help the world become more spiritual?
  • Episode 25

    Lord Lanto, The Master Of The Wisdom Ray

    • Who is the Ascended Master Lanto?
    • What does he teach?
    • Where is the Royal Teton Retreat?
    • What do you learn at that etheric retreat?
    • How can we study there?
  • Episode 26

    Paul the Venetian, Master Of The Flame Of Love

    • Who is Paul the Venetian?
    • What is one of his famous embodiments?
    • What does the statue of the Goddess of Liberty have to do with love?
    • How does Paul the Venetian help us prepare for the ascension?
    • What is the relationship between love and art?
    • What effect does modern art have on consciousness?
    • How does meditation and visualization affect conception and pregnancy?
    • What does Paul the Venetian teach on the real meaning of love?
  • Episode 27

    Serapis Bey, The Master Of The Ascension Temple

    • Who is the Ascended Master Serapis Bey?
    • What is the ascension?
    • What is the path of the ascension?
    • What do people have to do to ascend?
    • What does karma and dharma have to do with the ascension?
  • Episode 28

    The Healing Master Hilarion

    • Who is the Ascended Master Hilarion?
    • What does he have to do with the apostle Paul?
    • How is he involved in the search for Truth?
    • What is the real meaning of “conversion”?
    • Why do agnostics deny God?
    • What is a mantra used to discover Truth for yourself?
  • Episode 29

    The Ascended Lady Master Nada

    • Who is the Ascended Lady Master Nada?
    • What does her retreat look like?
    • What were some of Nada’s embodiments?
    • What does she have to say about family?
    • What does she teach about fulfilling your dharma?
  • Episode 30

    The Master Saint Germain

    • Who is Saint Germain?
    • What is true freedom?
    • How is Saint Germain related to Uncle Sam?
    • What are some of Saint Germain’s incarnations?
    • What would cause us to lose our freedom?
  • Episode 31

    The Ascended Master Afra

    • What is race?
    • Where does the black race fit in the Great White Brotherhood?
    • Who is the black Ascended Master Afra?
    • Has Afra ever given a dictation?
  • Episode 32

    Children Of Afra

    • What are the perils of nationhood?
    • What did Afra say about the African people in his Ghana dictation?
    • What is the real cause of racial strife?

Christian and Eastern Mysticism

  • Episode 33

    Buddha And Christ

    • What does it mean to become the Buddha?
    • What is it like to commune with the Buddha?
    • Could you explain how the Buddha can be meditating on Mother Mary?
  • Episode 34


    • Did Jesus teach reincarnation?
    • What was the difference between what Jesus taught his disciples and what he taught everyone else?
    • What is the significance of reincarnation in regard to how we live our lives?
    • Does reincarnation reduce the need for personal responsibility?
    • Is there any place for vicarious atonement?
    • What was the purpose of the coming of Jesus Christ?
  • Episode 35

    The Law Of Karmic Return

    • What happens to people who will not take responsibility for balancing their karma?
    • Don’t people go to heaven or hell when they die?
    • What happened to the real core of Christ’s teaching?
    • Have any Church scholars taught reincarnation since Jesus?
    • How important is it to believe in reincarnation?
  • Episode 36

    As Ye Sow So Shall Ye Reap

    • What happens to people who refuse to balance their karma?
    • What have Church scholars said about reincarnation?
    • How important is the notion of reincarnation?
  • Episode 37

    The Power Of The Word

    • What does the word Christ mean?
    • Was the Christ on Lemuria and Atlantis?
    • How did Elizabeth Clare Prophet discover the Science of the Spoken Word?
    • What significance does the name of God have in the Science of the Spoken Word?
    • What does the term Elohim mean?
  • Episode 38

    Incarnation Of The Word

    • How do we know that Jesus intended us to prove the same laws he proved?
    • Does this mean we actually perform the works that he did?
    • Who in the Bible made their ascension besides Jesus?
    • What does “the washing of water by the Word” mean?
    • Where did the science of the spoken Word originate?
    • Where do we go to discover the secrets of our soul’s evolution?

The Human Aura

  • Episode 39

    The Human Aura

    • What is the aura?
    • Is the aura what is photographed in Kirlian photography?
    • Does the aura ever lie?
    • Does the knowledge of the aura have any practical uses?
  • Episode 40

    Reading The Human Aura

    • Is the aura our contact with other dimensions?
    • What is the source of the aura?
    • What kind of energy depletes the aura?
    • Can psychics or clairvoyants read the aura?
    • What is the meaning of color in the aura?
    • Is intuition the same as reading the aura?
    • Can I learn to read the aura?
  • Episode 41

    The Aura Of A Saint

    • What is the difference between the aura of the saints and the aura of most of us?
    • Is the purity of the saints too much to ask in today’s world?
    • Is finding God and magnifying the light in the aura the same thing?
    • Why is the light of the saints so often rejected by their fellowmen?
    • If all people are created equal, why are there people of such light and darkness on earth?
    • What would happen if everybody were conscientiously trying to magnify the light in his aura?
  • Episode 42

    Angels And Your Aura

    • How does our daily experience affect our auras?
    • What role do angels play in determining the nature of our auras?
    • If there are so many angels, how does the aura become contaminated?
    • Why don’t people have more contact with angels?
  • Episode 43

    Strengthening The Human Aura

    • How can you strengthen your aura?
    • How do you use prayer as a forcefield of energy?
    • What is the tube of light and how do you use it?
    • How do you use the violet flame to polish your aura?
    • How do you ask Archangel Michael protect you?
  • Episode 44

    Intensifying The Human Aura

    • What does consciousness have to do with the aura?
    • How do we intensify the aura?
    • What does it mean to hallow space?
    • Does the Bible talk about consciousness and chakras?
  • Episode 45

    The Aura Of Oneness

    • How can we call forth light in our aura?
    • Which mantra can we use for the alchemy of change in our lives?
    • What does it mean to flow with the great river of life?
    • How do we feel our oneness with God?
  • Episode 46


    • How will the knowledge of the aura can make us free?
    • What is the pathway to the stars?
    • What is the key to creative mastery?
    • How can you increase the flow of perfection in your aura?
  • Episode 47

    The Colors Of The Aura

    • What is the meaning of specific colors in the aura?
    • Does Kuthumi teach that the aura is an extension of the self?
    • How does fear change our aura?
  • Episode 48

    The Human Aura – A Giant Beacon

    • What did Jesus teach about the aura?
    • Should we always be alarmed at the sudden appearance of darkness in the aura?
    • Should we be burdened by guilt?
    • How can we be free from psychological problems?

Mother Mary, the Divine Mother & the New Age Rosary

  • Episode 49

    The Divine Mother

    • Who is the Divine Mother?
    • What is the purpose in having a new rosary?
    • How does ritual help us realize ourselves as one with the rhythm of the universe?
    • What does ritual have to do with alchemy?
    • What is the source of subconscious alienation?
  • Episode 50

    A New Age Rosary

    • How do we put on the consciousness of Mother Mary?
    • How does ritual help us realize ourselves as one with the rhythm of the universe?
    • How can we overcome alienation from God as Mother?
  • Episode 51

    Ritual Drama

    • Why has the drama of life itself been taken out of so many people’s lives?
    • Was Shakespeare and other great playwrights actually telling us how to move from one plane of consciousness to the next?
    • How does giving the rosary relates to this drama?
    • What is the outcome of this ritual that you describe?
    • If we are denied the ritual, are we denied the outcome of the ritual?
    • So, there’s no “salvation made easy” course?
    • What is the true meaning of destiny?
  • Episode 52

    Keeper’s Daily Prayer

    • Mother Mary’s New Age Rosary starts with a new prayer. How does this rosary begin?
    • What can we learn from the Keeper’s Daily Prayer?
    • What is the true meaning of the word “destiny”?
    • What is the ascension?
  • Episode 53

    I AM Lord’s Prayer

    • Why does Mother Mary’s scriptural rosary contain a different version of the Lord’s Prayer?
    • How is your concept of the Lord’s Prayer revolutionary?
    • What is the I AM Lord’s Prayer?
    • Don’t you think that a lot of people will see this as the ultimate ego trip?
    • Why is this the true mystic’s prayer?
  • Episode 54

    Mary the Mother

    • What is wrong with the stereotype images of Mother Mary?
    • Why was Mary chosen to be the mother of Jesus?
    • What was Mary’s mission from Alpha and Omega?
  • Episode 55

    The Soul of Mother Mary

    • What were the early incarnations of Mother Mary?
    • Do we also have a mission in this life?
    • Did Mary have any embodiments in between when she embodied on Atlantis and when she embodied as the mother of Jesus?
  • Episode 56

    The Anti-Mother Forces

    • How is the Mother force active in today’s world?
    • What is our protection against the force of anti-Mother?
    • How can we distinguish between the real Mother and the counterfeit Mother force?
    • What does the Mother and anti-Mother forces have to do with our daily lives?
  • Episode 57

    The Mother Force

    • What is the connection between the rosary and yoga?
    • How can the rosary help us realize this fullness of God that you talk about?
    • What happens next in the rosary after the Transfiguring Affirmations?
  • Episode 58

    The Mystery of Surrender

    • When you give the rosary you seem to give it with so much more feeling than we hear in the churches. Why?
    • How is your concept of the Lord’s Prayer revolutionary?
    • What is the I AM Lord’s Prayer?
    • Don’t you think that a lot of people will see this as the ultimate ego trip?
    • Why is this the true mystic’s prayer?

Saint Germain & the Revolution in Higher Consciousness

  • Episode 59

    Coming Revolution In Higher Consciousness

    • What do you mean when you talk about the Coming Revolution in Higher Consciousness?
    • How widespread do you think the Coming Revolution is going to be?
    • What does Saint Germain have in mind?
    • What is your personal contact with the master Saint Germain?
    • Is Saint Germain’s message for all Americans or just the few who are into mystical teachings?
  • Episode 60

    Saint Germain, Master Of Aquarius

    • Would you tell us more about Saint Germain as the master of the Aquarian age?
    • What can the “little people” do?
    • Is it possible for someone with less attainment than Jesus or Saint Germain to use the laws of alchemy?
  • Episode 61

    Spiritual Alchemy And Saint Germain

    • We’ve talked about Saint Germain and the science of alchemy. What really is alchemy?
    • Does this mean that the law of alchemy can only be used for good?
    • Does this mean that everybody will eventually be able to turn base metal into gold?
    • Since it seems that we are destined to be alchemists, where do we start?
    • What does Saint Germain have to say about the white stone and the elixir that we associate with the early alchemists?
  • Episode 62

    Saint Germain on the Science Of Precipitation

    • How does the practice of alchemy affect the law of supply and demand?
    • Does this mean that we can immediately draw from the Universal anything that we need?
    • Why is Saint Germain, master of the Aquarian age, teaching us a course on alchemy?
    • Don’t you think that a lot of people will see this as the ultimate ego trip?
    • Without the freedom to create there really is no freedom, is there?
  • Episode 63

    The Will Of God

    • How do you know what God’s will is?
    • How can we put this knowledge of God’s will to work for alchemy and for change in our lives?
    • What is the I AM Lord’s Prayer?
    • Don’t you think that a lot of people will see this as the ultimate ego trip?
    • Why is this the true mystic’s prayer?