Education in the Age of Aquarius

Education in the Age of Aquarius

We have to unlock the fire that we know is there in our being. That’s the pursuit, the quest and that search for the teacher, for soul education, that finally ends at the feet of the ascended masters.


Elizabeth Clare Prophet recounts the ups and downs of the education of the soul of mankind to realize its true being. Covering the challenges faced on the lost continent of Mu, on Atlantis, Egypt, through the golden age of Greece to the current dawning of the Aquarian Age, we look at the outer forces shaping our soul’s future and how they mirror the forces within.

“Just the confinement to limitation and to imperfection is the greatest sacrifice that the flame of life is making. For what reason? So you and I can come back to an awareness of ourselves as the infinite one.

“We have certain cycles in time and space to come to that realization. And when those cycles are fulfilled, then we hear the Word of God, ‘My Spirit shall not always strive with flesh. I will not forever allow my Spirit to be confined, to be encased in limitation, in imperfect concepts, in mortality.’

“And so there are manvantaras, there are cycles, there are ages of the out-breathing and the in-breathing of God. And we are not aware of when the cycles of our opportunity are fulfilled. But you can be certain that at the end of every two-thousand-year cycle, for some, the cycles draw to a conclusion. And then there is the measuring of what has been accomplished, what has been realized, and is that soul fit to be immortalized in the ritual of the ascension, or must it be canceled out in the second death? These are the questions of life that all of us as seekers should be considering daily not as something remote, but something here and now.

“We should see our incarnation on earth as an opportunity to discover the inner laws, to make them work, to master time and space, and to return to the infinite fire. That’s why we are here, and we need to make the most of it because we never know how long the cycle of opportunity will be extended for us.”

Education with the Ascended Masters

“We have to measure the capacity that we can attain by the measure of the inner Christ Self, the real son, the real daughter of God, that is our potential.

“When we see that as the mark and the goal then the soul leaps with enthusiasm because it opens the whole plane of creativity. It opens the heart and the mind to be receptive to the causal body, to the I AM Presence. And spheres of consciousness which are our own identity surrounding that monad of light can release to us and restore us to that divine estate which we had before our many incarnations upon earth.

“People have asked me, “Well, how long have we been around?” Well, depending on how old a soul you are, probably the least amount of time we have been fooling around on this planet is five hundred thousand to a million years. It’s too long, it’s too long to be traveling in these same old niches of consciousness. …We have to find that inner law. We have to find the sacred alchemy. We have to unlock the fire that we know is there.

That’s the pursuit, the quest and that search for the teacher finally ends at the feet of the ascended masters. They are the real gurus of mankind because they have the experience of having overcome, mastered time and space, and ascended into the presence of the I AM THAT I AM. They are qualified to teach us.”