Your Marriage Made On Earth

Your Marriage Made on Earth

Elizabeth Clare Prophet gives you the secret to a lasting marriage – spiritualize the union of hearts with creative, soul-freeing steps and perspective.


The secret to a lasting marriage is to spiritualize the union of hearts with these creative, soul-freeing practical steps and perspective.

Elizabeth Clare Prophet gives you a spiritual perspective on the opportunity marriage has for accelerating your personal spiritual mastery. Plus the practical steps to set for a long-lasting foundation for a fulfilling marriage. Whether contemplating marriage or seeking to enrich your current marriage, adopting these perspectives can lead to a more rewarding and joyful relationship for you.

Have you considered that if reincarnation is true, you may have more than one former spouse entering into your life to balance karma? Elizabeth Clare Prophet gives you a practical shortcut for balancing marriage karma without the emotional roller coaster of marriage, divorce and emotional pain. This edition of The Prophet Archives will give you the heart-centered discipline of approaching intimate relationships with mastery and not at the tug and pull of the untutored feelings.

There Must Be a Goal to Your Marriage – a Vision to Forge Together

We must consider whether sharing a life with someone means that two together can accomplish more than the two separately. If the answer is yes, you may have a very good thing going for your relationship. If the answer is no, then you should question whether or not the relationship should be pursued.

The question is, Can two people working together accomplish more than the individual unit separately? Can they harmonize their energies for a goal, for an ideal, for something more than simply living the good life and pursuing pleasure and the pleasure cult?

Marriages that are based on this foundation are doomed to failure. They are a waste of time. They are a waste of energy. They are a waste of the opportunity to gain self mastery. When marriage is a platform for the pursuit of pleasure, it will wear out because the things of this world are transient and they do wear out.

And so there must be an overriding goal, a purpose, a vision, a dream that two people want to forge together. And this dream will override the elements of karma, the elements of opposition to the union, the discord, the petty little things that come up in day to day living.

Without vision the marriage will perish. Each member of the marriage on earth must have a vision of what these two have come together to do as one.