Saint Germain and the Violet Flame

Saint Germain and the Violet Flame

Elizabeth Clare Prophet goes in-depth into what is the violet flame, who is Saint Germain and how to reinforce your true spiritual identity.


In this edition of The Prophet Archives, Elizabeth Clare Prophet explains who you are, what your spiritual roots are and who Saint Germain is. Build on this ascended master’s explanation of what a violet-flame mantra is. Learn how you can use it to create practical, beneficial change in your life.

Saint Germain, known as the Wonderman of Europe, returns in this time to help you accelerate your spiritual path by using violet-flame mantras. Elizabeth Clare Prophet takes you through Saint Germain’s lifetimes to view this one soul’s path of overcoming intense trials and persecutions to become a great spiritual adept.

From Saint Germain we have powerful violet-flame mantras and visualizations to lighten our karmic load and open our hearts to being that presence of love and forgiveness in a world that desperately needs it.

“We can see Saint Germain in various incarnations in the West. The most important thing we find about the ascended masters is that they have lived in bodies such as those we wear. They have faced terrifying conditions. They have had to master life. They have come through the same kinds of karma and dispensations that we have been involved in.

“And the greatest thing about the spiritual revolutionaries of East and West is that they pursued until they found the mystery, they took that key, they unlocked the door to the higher spheres of their being, and they brought us a message, a revolution, a particular conquering in a certain area.”

As we review Saint Germain’s lives, many are familiar to us and we often feel that flash of soul recognition. Wherever the mystery schools have been, we’ve gathered together with these great lights. Part of the reason we search for these mystery schools is our sense that we have a mission and need to pick up the thread from a past life in order to fulfill that mission. As you learn more about Saint Germain, you can gain a greater understanding of your soul and your mission.