True Stories of Archangel Michael

True Stories of Archangel Michael

Stories of Archangel Michael are in Jewish, Christian and Islamic scriptures. Elizabeth Clare Prophet recounts people’s inspiring stories of their experiences with him.


The stories of Archangel Michael and his guardian angels figure in Jewish, Christian and Islamic scriptures and news stories of the last hundred years. Elizabeth Clare Prophet recounts inspiring stories of people’s interactions with Archangel Michael and his protective intercession in their lives.

“I received a letter from a woman witnessing to the remarkable intercession of Archangel Michael in the life of her teenage daughter, Kelly. A few days after Kelly and her friends learned about Archangel Michael, they were in a terrible collision. This mother had had these teens over to her house and sat them down and talked to them about Archangel Michael and taught them how to call to him, to decree to him.

“Those who witnessed this event could not explain what happened. They only knew that a miracle had taken place and that a life had been spared.”

From these stories, plus Elizabeth Clare Prophet’s own Archangel Michael story, learn the way to access the power, wisdom, and love of this archangel. Plus learn the  mantras, prayers, and visualizations to contact your most powerful guardian angel. Who better than Archangel Michael to contend with those elements within and without that trip us up on our paths?

Archangel Michael can become your go-to angel. Sometimes you assess a situation and think it’s so hopeless that not even the archangels can help. Well, that’s just when you need to use these prayers and call to Archangel Michael! You can become a friend of Archangel Michael so that when you have need of a friend, he will be there.

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