Elizabeth Clare Prophet with students


  • Ascended master Saint Germain

    Spiritual Journey and Education

    By Elizabeth Clare Prophet At an early age I knew that I had a calling from God. I knew that I would have a mission, […]

  • Elizabeth Clare Prophet

    About Elizabeth Clare Prophet

    Elizabeth Clare Prophet (1939–2009) was a pioneer of modern spirituality and an internationally renowned speaker and author. Her books on the teachings of the ascended […]

  • At Midnight, Light of Shambhala

    On Prophecy

    By Elizabeth Clare Prophet from Prophecy for the New Millennium. As we together write the first chapters of the twenty-first century we are still searching […]

  • I AM Presence Chart

    Chart of Your Divine Self

    Chart of your I AM Presence and Holy Christ Self Explained by Elizabeth Clare Prophet I think that the understanding of the Self is the […]

  • Angels around earth, Dore

    Our Beliefs

    Beliefs of The Summit Lighthouse by Elizabeth Clare Prophet I would like to tell you a little bit about the beliefs of the Summit Lighthouse […]

  • Saint Germain and Jesus

    The Ascended Masters

    Ascended Masters, Teachers on the Spiritual Journey to Higher Consciousness “The appearance of the Ascended Masters is not new,” explained Elizabeth Clare Prophet, “but the […]

  • On Dealing with Death

    Your Sorrow Shall Be Turned into Joy Verily, verily, I say unto you, that ye shall weep and lament, but the world shall rejoice: and […]

  • On Terrorism

    The War of Absolute Good and Absolute Evil We welcome into our midst beloved Archangel Gabriel and enlist his support on a very important subject, […]

  • Karma and Reincarnation img

    On Reincarnation in the New Testament

    Karma, Reincarnation and Christianity The keystone of Jesus’ teaching on reincarnation in the New Testament is our Lord’s statement that John the Baptist was Elijah […]

  • Family holding baby hand

    On Abortion

    All Life Has the Potential to Become Divine Over the years it has become clear to me how different my point of view is from […]

  • King Arthur's Court side view

    The Purpose of The Summit Lighthouse

    The Summit Lighthouse as an organization, as an activity of Saint Germain was founded for multifaceted purpose above all for the publication of the teachings […]