How to Meet Your Guardian Angel

How to Meet Your Guardian Angel

Elizabeth Clare Prophet reviews how you can build a relationship with your own guardian angel and the roles the seven archangels play in your life.


Meeting your guardian angel…

Is as easy as sending out love to your angel – open your world to your guardian angel in a much closer way than you have ever known. Elizabeth Clare Prophet shows you step-by-step how to walk and talk with your guardian angel, just as you see in those pictures of Tobias and Archangel Raphael.

Our Guardian Angel Is Part of God’s Plan

In the Bible, we see that God “who maketh his angels spirits and his ministers a flame of fire” created angels before he created us. Angels were the first beings that God created. And why is that? He created angels before us because He knew that we would need heavenly caretakers. And so he created angels to be just that: caretakers.

God’s plan was that our guardian angels would be in place when he would create us – his sons and daughters. Fashioning angels out of his own flaming Spirit, God made them to be extensions of his presence. In this way, He could dwell so very close to each one of us through this retinue of angels. Is not this a wonderful conception of our God, to place himself at our side through his angels?

Your Guardian Angel Has Always Been There

The apostle Paul, inspired by his own direct encounter with the angels, gave us the reminder: “Be not forgetful to entertain strangers: for thereby some have entertained angels unawares.” So you never know when you’re talking to an angel in form!

Elizabeth Clare Prophet reviews the seven archangels and the roles they play in your life. Best of all, you learn how to build a relationship with your own guardian angel – and find out how close to you your guardian angel is! Once you understand this, you will see instances in your life that prove you have never really been alone.

In this release of The Prophet Archives find out how to open your world to your guardian angel and start changing your life for the better.

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