The Purpose of The Summit Lighthouse

The Summit Lighthouse as an organization, as an activity of Saint Germain was founded for multifaceted purpose above all for the publication of the teachings of the masters, but then also to create a retreat situation in this plane where people of all ages could come to be initiated, to be tried, to pass the tests in the presence of well-qualified teachers, to receive training and to propel advancement at a more than ordinary rate because of the unique situation of the retreat as a forcefield of the ascended masters.

The Summit Lighthouse, composed as it is of those who are striving to manifest the freedom on earth of Saint Germain, is a mandala, is a pattern, is a unit in hierarchy. All who have identified with this purpose (which is universal in scope) of the ascended masters are counted as a part of this great grid of light, this forcefield, for the release of the one hundred and forty-four thousand virtues of the mind of God in this age. It is for this reason, for the reason that it is a group mandala of hierarchy, that the ascended masters and the Darjeeling Council desire to see this organization be perpetuated. For only by the action and the interaction of souls dedicated to light can the fullness of the delicate petals of the unfolding of the buddhic light come forth.

The many talents, the devotion, the strength of the individual are multiplied manyfold as the group interacts. Our twin flames focus the Alpha-to-Omega spirals in the center of the nucleus. And everyone who receives the Pearls of Wisdom has an opportunity to be a part of this design, this pattern of purpose.

The nearer the applicant comes to the center of his own heart flame, the nearer he comes to the center of the mandala until, by and by, as it happens in the retreats of the Brotherhood throughout cosmos, the closest devotees to the center are absorbed into the center and merge in the flow of the Father-Mother God.

Thus, you know that certain elements in the span of the chemical elements have a heavier weight in the nucleus than others, and there is a difference between elements that is determined by this atomic weight. The same is true with units of hierarchy and with the mandalas. Sun centers, which include more and more of the consciousness of God through more and more units which have become one with the I AM Presence, constitute a greater and greater forcefield of light-energy until every atom, as a nucleus of hierarchy, becomes a sun. And this is the destiny of the atom.

And the lightest atom, the hydrogen atom, is one day destined to become the heaviest. In this manner transmutation is continually taking place. But scientists in this octave have not yet perceived the fullness of the law of cause and effect in the transmutation of atomic particles. By studying units of hierarchy, mankind can learn more and more about physics, nuclear physics and the probing of worlds beyond.


The Ascended Masters

Ascended Masters, Teachers on the Spiritual Journey to Higher Consciousness

“The appearance of the Ascended Masters is not new,” explained Elizabeth Clare Prophet, “but the term Ascended Master is new. It something we need to understand as we enter the Aquarian age. The term is actually self-explanatory: master is one who has the full faculties of being, who has mastered on or more areas of human endeavor. But in the is sense, we are speaking of the master as a teacher and the master of life.

“An Ascended Master is one who has ascended, or reunited, with God. He or she has accelerated consciousness, is free from the rounds of rebirth and does not continue to incarnate in flesh-and-blood form.”

The ascended masters demonstrate that the world of Spirit has no division of race, religion or philosophy—there is simply oneness.

The ascended masters, such as Saint Germain are part of a vast spiritual Brotherhood of ascended beings and angelic hosts that join hands with mankind to work for the betterment of life on earth.

This holy order is known as the Great White Brotherhood (the word “white” refers not to race, but to the white light that surrounds these immortals) works with earnest spiritual seekers and public servants of every race, religion and walk of life to assist humanity in its evolution.

Elizabeth Clare Prophet on the Mystery of the Universal Christ

View more of Elizabeth Clare Prophet’s talks on the Teachings of the Ascended Masters on the Summit Lighthouse YouTube channel.

Teachings of the Ascended Masters at Summit University

Summit University offers a variety of avenues for spiritual learning. Our online school presents extension courses at different academic levels, ranging from exploring a topic in two or three months to in-depth semester-long studies. Certificates of completion are awarded at the successful completion of a course.

For the more interpersonal learner we also offer a spectrum of spiritual retreats and seminars, held at our campus in Corwin Springs, Montana, and at different locations around the world.

For more information on Summit University, contact us!


Our Beliefs

Beliefs of The Summit Lighthouse by Elizabeth Clare Prophet

I would like to tell you a little bit about the beliefs of the Summit Lighthouse and the Church Universal and Triumphant.

First of all, our roots are in the Judeo-Christian tradition.

Mark Prophet’s Spiritual Seeking

My late husband, Mark L. Prophet, who grew up in Wisconsin, was a Pentecostal. He was raised by his mother as a devout Christian. His father died during the Depression, leaving Mark and his mother alone to make their way. And so they were very much church-oriented.

I visited the childhood home of Mark Prophet and was shown the attic room where, winter and summer, he would kneel and pray before his little altar. God was everything to him, and Jesus was his Lord and Savior and is today.

As a young man, Mark received all nine gifts of the Holy Spirit and he continued his spiritual path through the years when he was in the United States Air Force during World War II.

Elizabeth Clare Prophet’s Spiritual Seeking

My childhood was similar in that all I wanted to know about when I was a child was God. And when my parents couldn’t give me enough, I would ask my friends to take me to their churches.

I loved devotion. I loved Jesus. I loved the saints. I loved God.

And I thought that all people walked and talked with God and Jesus Christ as I did. But I found out when I was about 20 that a lot of people do not and that they have not had that intimate experience with the Lord.

As early as I could read, I was reading the Bible. And as I would read the Bible alone in my room, I would ask Jesus what certain passages meant. And my Lord would answer me and give me the teachings of the deeper mysteries of God.

And when I would go to church and hear the wonderful pastors preaching their sermons, Jesus would explain to me that they had not been given the full teaching that he had given and that this teaching must be brought forth again in this time, 2,000 years later.

I wondered how that would come about and how he would bring that teaching to the world, which the people must have in these critical times.

Beliefs of The Summit Lighthouse and Church Universal and Triumphant

We regard the saints in heaven as those who have graduated from earth’s schoolroom, whom God has received. They are the other stones – “lively stones.”

We call them Ascended Masters, whereas Christians call them saints. We do not worship the Ascended Masters, however we recognize that they are our elder brothers and sisters and that they can help us on the path of life.

An Ascended Master is someone like you or me who has completed his assignment on earth and returned to God through the resurrection and the ascension of the soul.

I believe that we are all on a path of perfecting our souls, of doing good works, of balancing our karma and fulfilling our reason for being.

I differ with orthodox Christianity in that I teach karma and reincarnation, that the soul is a continuum, that we have lived before from the beginning with God and shall continue by his grace.

So I see our divine plan outpicturing itself in succeeding episodes and I see the bodies we wear simply as coats. And when the coat gets worn out, that doesn’t necessarily mean that our mission is through.

Communion of Saints

We believe in the communion of saints, here below as Above.

And we believe that this communion comes through the agency of the Holy Spirit and through the Sacred Heart of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and that it is ordained.

In our communion with the saints we do not engage in mere psychicism or clairvoyance or channeling, as is the fad these days.

But we believe that through the agency of the Holy Spirit, and only through that agency, it is lawful for us to receive teachings that are not written, which Jesus promised to send us through the Comforter, who would bring to our remembrance all those things that he taught us 2,000 years ago.

Chart of Your Divine Self

Chart of your I AM Presence and Holy Christ Self Explained by Elizabeth Clare Prophet

I think that the understanding of the Self is the most important understanding that the individual can have in life. If we fail to understand the nature of the Real Self, we never really quite gain an orientation or an integration in our life.

The I AM Presence

The Self begins with that which is the permanent atom of being and the cause out of which the effect proceeds. We call this cause the I AM THAT I AM, the Presence of the I AM, or the I AM Presence.

I find that God by any name can be reduced to this sense of the eternal Presence. It defines being, and I see it as a sphere of intense light that marks the point of my origin. It is the permanent part of me, of which I am very aware, and the point to which I will return at the conclusion of this life.

We have a diagram of this Real Self in relationship to the outer evolving self in the Chart of Your Divine Self. The Chart has three parts and, in a sense, could be called the trinity of our identity. First, there is the upper figure, which is a sphere of light. Then there is the lower figure, which represents the soul evolving in Matter, or in time and space.

The Divine Mediator, the Holy Christ Self

Between the sphere of light above and the soul evolving below is the consciousness of the Mediator, or the go-between. The go-between is that portion of the Self that can translate to the soul something of the I AM THAT I AM; it is that portion of one’s being that is real enough to yet stand in the Presence of God.

We call this Mediator the Holy Christ Self, or the Real Self. It is the Self that we are in a state of becoming through our evolution, through all of our experiences in time and space.

For example, you could see the lower figure in the Chart would be the man Jesus. The middle figure would be the Self, Jesus the Christ. And the upper figure would be the one whom Jesus called Father. We now see a relationship of Father, or the All-Father, the Son and the soul that is endowed with a flame of the Holy Spirit.

The Threefold Flame

That flame is the spark of life. It is the threefold flame of life—a very real spiritual flame that is focused within the body at approximately the point of the heart. It is sealed in what is called the secret chamber of the heart.

This threefold flame endows our being with consciousness, with self-awareness, with all of the faculties that we enjoy that are above the animal kingdom. It is the sacred fire that we are to become and that we are to implement and use as our resource for living and for evolving while we are on earth.

Tracing the Life of Jesus with the I AM Presence Chart

The three figures in the Chart, which are now separate because of our limited consciousness, will one day become one. We see this in the life of Jesus. As he matures from birth to manhood, he walks more and more in the stature of his Real Self, his Christ Self.

We find him in the temple discoursing with the doctors at the age of twelve. This is a sign that the Christ Presence, or the Christ Self, is overshadowing him and he is speaking the word of that Christ.

We find him at the age of thirty in the full presence of the Christ so that his disciples recognize him as their master. He calls them away from their nets to become fishers of men. He changes the water into wine, begins to heal, to cast out demons—all this because the man Jesus has merged with the Inner Self, the Christ.

He walks the earth for three years performing not miracles but the functions of cosmic law. And then walking up Bethany’s hill with his disciples after his resurrection, he disappears from their midst and the cloud receives him out of their sight.

This cloud is the same cloud that appeared to the children of Israel. The pillar of fire and the cloud represent the I AM THAT I AM, the eternal Presence. Jesus accelerated to the level of the Christ; then Jesus, the Christ, accelerated to the level of the I AM THAT I AM. This is the nature, the true nature, of the One. And we as heirs of Christ, heirs of Jesus, have come to realize that same oneness—three out of one, one out of three.

Seeing the Trinity in the Chart

The Trinity is anchored in us in this threefold flame of power, wisdom and love. The Father represents the power of the Law, the Son is the wisdom of the Law, and the Holy Spirit is the love action of the Law.

So the Trinity exists in us as potential. Until we realize that potential, our relationship to Christ and to Father remains a separate one. And therefore, on the Chart we depict these three figures—one on earth, one higher above, and one still higher. This distance allows individuals to think in terms of heaven and earth.

The Soul and The Ascension

The lower figure represents you surrounded by a tube of light, which is released from the heart of your I AM Presence.

The lower figure is the nonpermanent aspect of being which is made permanent through the ritual of the ascension. The ascension is the process whereby the lower figure, having balanced his karma and fulfilled his divine plan (dharma), merges first with the Christ consciousness and then with the living Presence of the I AM THAT I AM.

Elizabeth Clare Prophet On the Real Self And The Violet Flame:

View more of Elizabeth Clare Prophet’s teachings on your Real Inner Self on our Summit Lighthouse YouTube channel.

On Prophecy

By Elizabeth Clare Prophet from Prophecy for the New Millennium.

As we together write the first chapters of the twenty-first century we are still searching for answers to many questions.

Will the prophecies concerning war, earth changes and plagues come to pass?

Will we find ourselves in chaos as a result of a global economy in flux?

As technology accelerates, will our society become irreparably split into an elite of technological haves and an underclass of technological have-nots?

Will terrorism become even more of a threat?

Will we discover cures for diseases like cancer and AIDS, or will they continue to snuff out promising lives?

The Purpose of Prophecy

Some who claim to read the pages of our future history are prophets of doom and gloom. Others see only the potential for a bright new world.

I believe we must look at the future as realists. I see the handwriting on the wall, but I also see a unique solution to our dilemma that can help us turn the new millennium into a golden age.

We will not be writing on a clean white page as we begin this new era. We will bring with us our past. Every day, in big ways and small, we are reaping the consequences of our past. The new millennium will be no different. The circumstances of our lives will be the result of our past actions – our karma.

Prophecy is, in fact, a sneak preview of the karma that will be returning to our doorstep for resolution. The prophets see where we are headed as a result of events we have set in motion, and they warn us of what’s coming up if we don’t change course.

And therein lies the key.

Prophecy Can Be Averted

Heaven has allowed the prophets a rare glimpse of what the future may hold so that we can transmute our negatives before the handwriting in our book of life becomes an indelible record and we reap the full consequences of our actions.

Simply put, prophecy is mercy.

Prophecy is opportunity.

Prophecy is not set in stone.

While the first decades of the new millennium bring the potential for momentous shifts in consciousness that are both promising and progressive, we may still have to travel over some choppy water to get there.

I firmly believe that in the face of any and all negative predictions, we the people of earth — applying our highest wisdom and our deepest compassion, our material resources and our practical spirituality — can make these prophecies fail.

Spiritual Journey and Education

By Elizabeth Clare Prophet

At an early age I knew that I had a calling from God. I knew that I would have a mission, but I did not know what it would be. I experienced it as a burning desire to serve God in any capacity in which he would call me.

Since I did not know how or when or where he would call me, I knew I must study diligently, I must learn my lessons, I must go to college and I must take the courses that he would lead me to take. This was on my heart and mind all of my life.

And I would seek out ministers, priests and spiritual teachers and ask them to tell me everything that they could tell me about religion, about the Bible, and about Jesus and the apostles.

The Lessons of World War II

An event happened in my life at the age of seven that was also to shape my future in part. It was in 1946, just after the conclusion of World War II. The memories of the war are very vivid to me.

I remember the blackouts and the air-raid sirens and the CARE packages we packed and sent to Europe and the vivid photographs in Life magazine of the holocaust. I remember Armistice Day, when I was six years old.

In 1946 my grandmother in Switzerland was ready to pass on, and my mother and I flew on a prop plane from New York to London. Then we crossed the channel and took a train to Switzerland.

When we arrived in London I saw a bombed city. This so impressed itself upon me. I saw what war had done and could do to a nation. We walked up and down the streets and I recorded it in my mind as though I had a video camera. I shall never forget it as long as I live.

And as I had that experience of awakening to the hardships of war, which had also come to me in other ways, I knew that whatever Jesus had for me to do in this lifetime, it would be connected with working for world peace and attempting to see to it that such a war would never happen again.

Experiences At The United Nations

As part of my co-op job program at Antioch College I went to work at the United Nations. And while working there and observing people from all over the world, I recognized, as God showed me in my heart, that the world’s problems would not be solved by politics but by a deeper union with God on an individual basis.

God showed me the people and the deeper contact they could have with him—a living contact. And so I turned my attention to serving people and helping them find that connection to God that they would need in the days ahead.

After serving as an assistant to the delegates’ private photographer during the Thirteenth General Assembly in 1958, I became discouraged and almost cynical about what could ever come out of the United Nations. I had lost a certain idealism I had had about the UN and world leaders.

Meeting the Master Saint Germain

Ascended Master Saint Germain


That episode, however, was pivotal in pointing me toward my mission. Before I had left home for Antioch at the age of 18, I was visited by Saint Joseph, whom we call Saint Germain, the ascended master and the saint.

I recognized Saint Germain immediately. I knew him. I knew that I had known him before, that my soul had known him and that he would lead me to the work that Jesus had for me. I knew that I had to find him in the sense that I had to find out what I had to do for him. And thus my search began.

Studying to Find Herself Approved

I could see that, regardless of whether I would be working in religion or in some kind of government service, I had to know what was going on in the world and why.

So I majored in political science and international relations but I was always studying religion along with it, always praying, always walking in the woods or up and down the streets of Boston communing with God, asking him questions and praying that he would use me in the way that was best for me to help people.

In search of meaning and purpose, I transferred to Boston University.

Elizabeth Clare Prophet’s Autobiography:

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